Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Plenty of commentators theorized this week that the Cons might pay some heed to public opinion when it comes to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

But let's remember where this process all started: from the beginning, the Cons consistently decreed that nobody was permitted to say "no". And we can hardly be surprised that they've ended a review process which was never intended to allow for any other answer by decreeing that Enbridge shall have its way.

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  1. Anonymous8:31 p.m.

    The question is what is the economic benefit of this pipeline to Canadians?]

    The materials will be supplied from off shore.

    The workers will probably be temporary foreign workers or workers who are foreign trained – what the government is pushing instead of training Canadians.

    There will be very few jobs after construction.

    Very little profit will accrue to the Canadian government. And very little to the Alberta government. They haven’t even had any help to twin that dangerous highway to Fort McMurray.
    It’s not like they are Norway and getting a big bunch of money from it.

    And practically nothing to BC, except the liabilities if there is a spill.

    The additional ten dollars a barrel will go to the oil companies.

    What we are not getting is any investigation into what benefits Canadians get from the present extraction of our resources. Only in the Tyee. Or Vancouver Observer.

    And in my town we get to drink the toxins from the tar sands when they reach us.