Thursday, May 15, 2014

New column day

Here, looking at one of Thomas Piketty's findings about the self-propagation of wealth which has received relatively little attention - and pointing out how the a pattern of greater wealth grabbing higher returns can both be managed in order to reduce undue concentration of wealth, and even turned to the public's advantage through pools of social capital.

For further reading...
- Piketty's discussion of inequality in returns on capital starts at page 430 of the English translation of Capital in the Twenty-First Century - with his study of university endowment funds at page 447 serving as a particularly useful illustration of the point. 
- Matt Bruenig draws the link between the greater returns to large pools of capital and the value of sovereign wealth funds here
- Finally, the Mowat Centre's study on corporate taxation is here. And Barrie McKenna connected it to Piketty's overall discussion of inequality here.

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