Thursday, April 03, 2014

New column day

Here, looking at a $396 million annual benefit in the form of lower wireless rates for Saskatchewan residents serves as a prime example of the value of public enterprise - and pointing out a few other public options which could help ensure that the interests of citizens are better reflected in the marketplace.

For further reading...
- CBC reported on the wireless rate increases which hit every province except the two with strong Crown competition. Aside from the $55 per month cost difference reported there, the other number leading to my estimate in the column is SaskTel's customer base estimate found here. And in a neat coincidence, the annual gain in wireless rate reductions alone roughly matches what SaskTel puts into capital spending each year.
- Again, story of the Cons' rejection of Canada Post's postal bank was broken by Blacklock's, while Ethan Cox was among several commentators to weigh in.
- Finally, Richard Mayhew discusses how co-operatives have stepped into the breach in the absence of a public option in the U.S. health insurance market.

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