Thursday, March 27, 2014

New column day

Here, on how the Cons' explanations for the Unfair Elections Act reflect a disturbing attempt to rule out any voter motivation other than partisan interests - while excusing future Robocon-style deceit by placing all responsibility for accurate information on Elections Canada alone.

For further reading...
- Alison documents the Con MPs who have already been caught fabricating stories to excuse vote suppression.And James Di Fiore apologizes for a single experiment which is now being pointed to ad nauseum as the basis for preventing hundreds of thousands of Canadians from voting.
- Pierre Poilievre's talking points are here (among other places).
- Finally, the Elections Canada survey referred to in the column is here. And as a noteworthy contrast, Crawford Kilian discusses StatsCan's findings as to why others didn't vote in 2011.

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