Thursday, October 10, 2013

New column day

Here, following up on Alex Himelfarb and Jordan Himelfarb's observations about the need to talk about the good we can do with tax revenue by noting the importance of making sure public money and authority aren't diverted to private or corporate purposes.

For further reading...
- CBC reports on Alberta's exclusion of environmental groups from any project assessment processes, while Justice Marceau's full ruling is here.
- The Guardian reports on Canada's spying against Brazilian leaders and businesses, as well as the Cons' deliberate choice to foster cozy dealings between CSEC and the resource sector. And Alison fills in some blanks around the role of CSEC.
- Finally, CBC also reports on Ontario's gas plant cancellations, wile Martin Regg Cohn puts the billion-dollar giveaways in context as another example of privatization gone awry.

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