Thursday, September 19, 2013

New column day

Here, on how the real question in Regina's P3 referendum vote is that of how to operate the City's vital infrastructure - and why we should vote "yes" to maintain some control.

For further reading...
- CBC reports on last night debate between Jim Holmes and Michael Fougere.
- Brent Sjoberg's interview with Paul Dechene referenced in the column is here.
- Ryan Deschamps' commentary on rent-seeking in the context of the wastewater referendum is well worth a read (particularly given that the entire operational phase of the P3 model has been set up as a giant, 30-year pool of rent money to be paid to a contractor) - even if I don't agree with his disapproval of direct democracy.
- And finally, Deron Staffen has compiled a list of referendum resources here.

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