Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Morning 'Rider Blogging

Obviously Friday's result against Calgary wasn't what the Saskatchewan Roughriders hoped for - particularly since it means having only one game of separation from third place in the CFL's West Division. But it's worth noting that most of the problems against the Stampeders were simply a matter of the inevitable ebb and flow of luck during the course of the season - meaning that there isn't much the 'Riders figure to need to change.

On offence, the 'Riders started off rather pitifully - raising the question as to how an offence that's so effective capitalizing on halftime adjustments seems unable to find weaknesses at the start of any game. But they managed to score enough points to win most games - despite breaking their zero-turnover streak and watching more than a few plays fall apart due to dropped or bounced passes.

Darian Durant was effective stretching the field, as even the deep plays that got broken up managed to open up room for the 'Riders to operate inside. And the offensive line had another fairly strong game, allowing Durant enough time to make plays against a talented set of pass rushers and clearing enough space for Kory Sheets to dominate the second half.

The obvious area of concern came on defence, where Jon Cornish consistently shed tackles until the 'Riders could meet him with three defenders at once. About the only exception was Tyron Brackenridge, who did manage to make some impressive one-on-one tackles. But I have to wonder whether the 'Riders may need to shuffle their positions and assignments to let Brackenridge spy Cornish in future games, rather than counting on Craig Butler to keep a power rusher contained.

Of course, the next few games may seem to be ones where the 'Riders can afford to experiment somewhat. And hopefully the team can keep up enough focus against a few reeling opponents to stay in the win column even if the breaks don't mostly go Saskatchewan's way.

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