Thursday, July 25, 2013

New column day

Here, on Regina's wastewater referendum as just the first step in encouraging regular citizen engagement in the decisions that affect us all.

For further reading...
- Again, Hugh Mackenzie's analysis of the cost of private financing is here (PDF). And Barrie McKenna's take on the hidden price of P3s is here.
- The Star Phoenix' editorial board points to Regina's wastewater options as a prime example of higher levels of government limiting the freedom of action of municipalities.
- The City's information on the sewage treatment plant is here - with no indication that the referendum is about to change the use of public resources to present what amounts to the "no" side.
- Finally, CBC documents Regina's past votes on infrastructure projects. And it's particularly worth noting the contrast between consistent citizen engagement over a period of over 50 years, and the complete absence of any votes since 1988.

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