Thursday, July 04, 2013

New column day

Here, marking yet another year of broken Conservative promises when it comes to climate change.

For further reading...
- CBC reports on the the continued lack of regulations for the oil and gas sector, while offering the questionable theories about the Cons' lack of interest in actually getting work done.
- Linda McQuaig rightly notes that there are forces beyond the Cons trying to stifle such work on a global scale, while Jane Mayer highlights the Koch brothers' efforts to block any environmental legislation in Congress. But it's still worth noting that the Cons have been comparatively more willing to implement regulations in sectors that don't affect their oil-patch puppetmasters.
- The Economist wonders whether Calgary's flooding will serve as a wake-up call, while at the same time noting that Jason Kenney for one has simply retreated further into denialism.
- And finally, Mike de Souza confirms that the Cons have been treating the environment as purely a matter of communications rather than policy - deciding on massive cuts to Environment Canada without actually including anybody associated with Environment Canada in the process.

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