Thursday, June 06, 2013

New column day

Here, on how the recent Munk Debate has helped to highlight Canadians' preference for a fairer, more progressive tax system - and on a couple of the most important steps we can take toward that end goal.

For further reading...
- Ipsos Reid's polling on public views toward taxing the rich is here.
- Stephen Gordon's response to the Munk Debate (referenced in the column) is here. And I'll note that there seems to be some difference in determining the tax rate applicable to high-end income: while KPMG's numbers roughly match Gordon's, the CRA's figures actually show Ontario as one of the provinces with an opportunity to increase revenue.
- Finally, the Guardian discusses David Cameron's efforts both to address tax avoidance within the G8, and to push UK territories to stop serving as cover for offshoring. And while I share some skepticism about Cameron's intentions, it's well worth pointing out the example of a right-wing leader at least recognize the unfairness of tax avoidance, rather than treating it as something to be expected and encouraged in the interest of enriching our betters.


  1. The CRA number doesn't include the 56% surtax on high incomes. That brings the top Ontario rate to 13.16*1.56 = 20.53%. Add that to the 29% federal rate and you get a combined marginal tax rate of 29.53%