Thursday, May 30, 2013

Advance warning

Colby Cosh is starting to buy into the theory that the Clusterduff scandal is being strategically revealed to divert attention away from Robocon. My greater concern is that if there's a Con strategy at play, it lies in the possible aftermath of reports like this.

The more stories we hear about Duffy acting like a slightly-more-gluttonous Hedonismbot with the full support and encouragement of Stephen Harper's inner circle, the easier it will be for some operative to deliberately plant a false story within that pattern - with the goal of at least uniting the 28% behind the Cons in outrage that anybody would continue to report on months of damaging revelations after one part of the narrative doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

Which isn't to say we should hesitate to discuss new revelations as they surface. But I'll hope the crystallizing narrative surrounding Duffy and Harper's PMO doesn't result in the media letting its guard down - lest one mistake serve to give the Cons a way out.

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  1. Anonymous3:00 a.m.


    You can always count on Liberals to depict the Conservative Party as some omnipotent or paranormal entity...capable of manipulating events & outcomes through sheer will. Woe us mere mortals.

    Colby Cosh's latest is yet another cringe-worthy contribution to this mythology. Among other distortions, he insists: "Keeping the seat counts of the NDP and the Liberals roughly level with each other is the paramount strategic axiom for the Tories from now until (at least) 2015.".

    If you have indulged in Liberal "reasoning" long enough, you will recognize the narrative. The invading race of super-human Conservatives were able to over-throw the noble & innocent Liberals - through a controlled release of a plague called "the NDP".

    Such is the Liberal sense of entitlement - they cannot conceive of a reality where they are unseated by mere mortals. "Mere mortals" who happen to be more determined, resourceful, and hard-working than they are. "Mere mortals" who also happen to be flawed & vulnerable - susceptible to our electorate's prejudices, mood-swings, and gullibility towards clever marketing.

    As I warned last week, the Liberals will continue to propagate such defeatist & conspiratorial non-sense (here, aided by their useful idiot Colby Cosh) in an effort to cover their lazy & presumptive asses. They dream of such scandals diminishing Conservative support - but are totally uncommitted to the methodical, artistic, and expensive work required to exploit such opportunities. Hence, if the Conservatives manage to escape electoral punishment...let myth & falsehood excuse such poor Liberal work ethic.

    By contrast, the NDP quietly accepts that nothing is promised. Yet, such sober thought has not limited their ambition or tenacity. They have consistently & successfully performed the hard work required - surrounding & provoking Conservative rivals we have long recognized as mere mortals.

    Such is the difference between children & adults,
    Dan Tan