Thursday, April 11, 2013

New column day

Here, on how the Wall government is extending purely individual rights such as the right to privacy to corporations - and how that could lead to yet more corporate abuse in the future.

For further reading...
- The Hansard record from March 18 featuring Gord Wyant's approval of corporate secrecy in the name of civil libertarianism is here (PDF, starting at p. 2747). 
- The Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner's letter to Wyant questioning the "company's privacy" language (among other parts of Bill 65) is here (PDF).
- The Supreme Court of Canada's seminal decision on the quasi-constitutional nature of individual privacy is here; see in particular paragraph 64 and subsequent analysis (which was approved of by the majority which disagreed on the application of the agreed principles).
- Finally, I can't make mention of Mitt Romney's "corporations are people, my friend!" without including the most memorable context for it:

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