Thursday, December 06, 2012

New column day

Here, on how Saskatchewan's existing list of unremediated and orphaned oil and gas wells should remind nus of the need to make sure resource developers account for the social cost of their operations.

For further reading...
- The most recent Provincial Auditor's report highlighting the orphaned well issue is here (PDF - see Chapter 31, page 239).
- My comment about the two-year lag in any climate change action is based on the province's climate change information page, which shows no new developments since February 2011 and no indication when relevant legislation will be proclaimed in force.
- Finally, Thomas Walkom worries that climate change has utterly fallen off the radar, while Barbara Yaffe notes that the Harper Cons seem perfectly happy to stick Canada with the long-term bill for unknown adaptation costs rather than doing anything to minimize the damage in the first place.

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