Thursday, October 04, 2012

On image reinforcement

I won't disagree with those who have criticized Barack Obama's debate performance last night as listless. But did nobody else notice that the candidate who's rightly been criticized for his glee in firing workers and shipping jobs overseas had this to say as one of his supposed "zingers"?
The second topic, which is you said you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas. Look, I've been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you're talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant.
That's right: Mitt Romney's first response to talk of tax rewards for job cuts...was to ask, "how can I get a piece of that action for myself?" Which looks to me to be far more telling than, say, a mere $10,000 bet offer as evidence of Romney's out-of-touch, exploitative mindset - even if he spent the rest of the debate repudiating every anti-social policy he and his party promote when there's no opponent on stage to rebut them.

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  1. The entire debate was chuck full of misdirection - if not outright lies - from Romney. That's why it shocked so many of us that Obama did not fight back, did not counter with facts, did not simply say that Romney is not telling the truth. Yes, the fact checkers will make note of Romney's 'insincerity'. But the viewing public and the conservative media only took note of the emotional tone of the evening. And Romney excelled at that.