Thursday, October 11, 2012

New column day

Here, on the dangers of allowing corporate voices and employers to dictate what citizens are permitted (or required) to say about political issues.

While I didn't include a direct comparison in the column, I'll point out the rather stark contrast between the employer abuses exemplified by Murray Energy Company and the union structures which business interests are trying to tear down.

On the labour side, decisions about political involvement and work issues are made through democratic processes - and once taken, they still allow employees to choose how much of a role to play (if any) once action is taken. But with an employer like Murray, a worker receives neither an opportunity to influence demands before they're made, nor any alternative but to comply.

For further reading...
- Murray Energy Company has been the subject of extensive reporting, including this about mandatory attendance at a Mitt Romney rally, this about the use of that rally footage in a Romney ad, and this about funnelling employee donations to employer-chosen candidates.
- Jill Mahoney reported on the efforts of XL Foods' union to ensure that workers can contribute to public safety. But Matt McClure followed up and noted XL's refusal to acknowledge any remaining issues.
- Finally, my earlier post on the Regina Chamber of Commerce's free speech hypocrisy is here.

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