Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Andrew Coyne is rightly alarmed at the Cons' move to short-circuit any debate about major policy changes through an omnibus budget bill. And Bea Vongdoaungchanh reports that the biggest of those changes is to set our environmental laws back by half a century.

- David Macdonald highlights the $114 billion bailout which was necessary to keep Canada's banks afloat. And while it might be fair to say the potential price was worth it to avoid unnecessary disruption, I'd defy anybody to justify the Cons' being so generous with the banks while looking for excuses to push mere workers underwater.

- Andrew MacLeod reports on how the Cons are refusing to allow provinces to discuss the terms of a free trade pact with Europe - even when they're the ones who may end up on the hook for billions of dollars in drug costs and other negative effects.

- pogge duly slams the Globe and Mail for giving Gwyn Morgan a free pass to baselessly attack solar energy without disclosing any of his personal interest in shutting down renewable development.

- Finally, Ken Norman, Mary Eberts and Alex Neve criticize the Sask Party's regressive take on human rights in Saskatchewan.

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