Thursday, May 17, 2012

New column day

Here, on how the Cons' imposition of an economic policy which benefits a few at the expense of people who get no say in the matter is just the latest (if worst) example of their becoming everything they once claimed to loathe.

For more on the economic argument (which in other corners has mostly focused on the question of whether to characterize the Cons' bias in favour of the oil industry as an element of Dutch disease or not)...
- Peter O'Neil reports on what Thomas Mulcair is actually saying about the resource sector - including that the real costs of production (including environmental effects) are being deliberately kept off the balance sheet through lax regulation, with the Canadian public left to pay the bill later.
- Erin neatly deconstructs how the Institute for Research on Public Policy's report actually supports Mulcair's concerns about the effects of a high dollar. 
- Dean Beeby reports on federal efforts to test how to push workers out of their home regions.
- And while I'm skeptical of the Star-Phoenix' attempt to turn the resource discussion into a "they're both equally bad" line of criticism, it's well worth noting that Brad Wall's spin isn't accepted as gospel even in his home province.

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