Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wednesday Morning Robocon Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor dig deeper into the story behind Robocon alias Pierre Poutine.

- Maurice Vellacott admits that the voter lists needed to carry out multi-riding voter suppression were controlled strictly by the Cons' central command - meaning there's no prospect of foisting blame onto a single riding-level campaign.

- Aaron Wherry points out Angus Reid's findings as to which parties are seen as likely to mislead voters - with the Cons ranking as twice as likely to do so.

- And the Cons' attempts to stonewall against any investigation as to how Robocon came to pass are making for a nice contrast with the NDP's efforts to give Elections Canada the tools it needs to uncover the perpetrators.

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  1. Dan Tan10:23 a.m.

    <span><span>You need to read this article:      
    Loony currency schemes      
    In a strange move, Iceland is considering adopting the Canadian dollar as its official currency.      
    The author, economist Dean Baker, is on record as having predicted the American housing bubble way back in 2002 (before even Roubini). If I remember correctly, the Canadian Center For Policy Alternatives invited him to speak on the Canadian housing market a few years back.      
    Anyways, the article addresses both Canada's economy and the problems our ridiculous petro-currency generates. The trigger for this article was a Globe & Mail piece suggesting Iceland's 1% were considering adopting the Canadian dollar because of the uncertainty in Euro membership.      
    We should also take note of the contrast. The Globe & Mail piece reads like a drunkards hagiography of the Canadian dollar. Dean Baker, meanwhile, comes off as a sober Martin Luther nailing the truth on the Church door.