Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Morning Links

Assorted content to start your week.

- Susan Delacourt wonders whether the Cons plan to launch an attack on the environmental movement to match the schism which helped the Libs and the Bloc to divide up the Quebec political pie over sovereignty. But it's worth keeping in mind that even with multiple parties eager to keep the national question as the main point of contention, the polarization over sovereignty eventually collapsed - making for much of the reason why the NDP was able to emerge as a party which wasn't constantly seeking to reinforce the divide.

- Meanwhile, at least some federal officials are paying enough attention to know that the Cons' stubborn refusal to address greenhouse gas emissions from the tar sands is a serious problem both environmentally and economically.

- Lana Payne is the latest to note that citizen engagement is an absolute must in order to move past the Cons' cynical brand of top-down politics.

- The Star's editorial board notes that the Cons' dumb-on-crime approach is looking worse by the day as a strong majority of Canadians believe in prevention over the Cons' punishment-only approach.

- Finally, the discussion paper on the future of Canadian labour from the CAW and CEP is well worth a read. But lest anybody think there wasn't already some good news to report, CUPW can point to at least one finding that the Cons' back-to-work legislation last year was invalid in law.

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