Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Links

- Impolitical is right to note the absurdity of the "conventional wisdom" that a Con-dominated Senate should feel entitled to block whatever it wants regardless of what's passed by Canada's elected representatives. But even leaving aside the fact that a Lib flip-flop has made the issue moot when it comes to EI, should anybody be surprised that the Cons are using the unelected Senate to impose their will on the country given their track record of doing just that?

- Meanwhile, the Cons are also doing their best to eliminate any good the Senate could otherwise do as a source of policy ideas, offering nothing but complete rejection for a plan to deal with poverty.

- Dog Blog has already posted on the subject, but I'll also encourage readers interested in getting involved in Regina's municipal boards, commissions and committees to take a look at the openings and apply to participate.

- Finally, while Murray Mandryk jumps to a few too many conclusions based on a single federal poll, he's duly cynical about the Harper Cons' handling of the gun registry - echoing the question of why a party which has fomented public outrage for years over its flaws will soon be arguing to keep it in place without improvements.

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