Sunday, July 18, 2010

G20 Protest Followup

Unfortunately, yesterday's G20 protests look to have been on the disappointing side both in terms of turnout and media coverage. While stories were filed covering the events in Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton and Winnipeg, that's only a small fraction of the rallies organized across the country - and a turnout below expectations can only create excuses for the media to further ignore any future action in support of Canadians' civil liberties.

Which is to say, what thwap said:
I had HOPED to see more than a couple of hundred people. Alas, alack, all there was were a few hundred people. At one point, they were insisting "Never again!' but it didn't seem to have much resonance. I got the opinion that our elites know damned well they can do this as much as they want.
On the one hand, standing to be counted isn't too much to ask people even if going to these things just so you can say that you did and feel good about yourself doesn't solve a lot of the world's problems. On the other hand though, I can't blame other people for thinking that these demos and rallies are a waste of time. They're not going to achieve anything. They're not going to do anything but allow progressives to get together, discuss, strategize, and look around and realize how powerless and impotent they are.

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