Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Links

- If there's anything the Sask Party hates more than a Crown corporation generally, it's a Crown corporation that's providing obvious and consistent financial benefits to the province and thus doesn't fit with a demonization campaign. But don't worry: the Wall government is doing everything in its power to sell off the pieces of Saskatchewan's Crowns which fit that description.

- Meanwhile, there's no lack of public outrage over the Sask Party's attacks on construction-sector unions. But hopefully the enthusiasm will keep up past this spring if the Wall government manages to force its legislation through.

- I'm not quite sure why the National Post or anybody else thought that Stephen Gordon's concern trolling of NDP economic policy would be worth bothering with. But for those still wasting their time reading Gordon, Erin takes him out to the woodshed over his nonsensical take on corporate taxes.

- Finally, while I don't entirely agree with thwap's suggested means, the message that the Cons can indeed be beaten in the next federal election is worth keeping in mind.

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