Friday, January 29, 2010

On time-savers

Sure, Dan Cook has come under plenty of criticism for his efforts to dismiss the anti-prorogation movement. But let's give Cook credit for this much: his take on the issue looks to have given him the easiest blogging job in the country - as he's now reached the point of contrasting "grassroots fury" with points that don't have anything to do with grassroots choices.

But let's help him out even more by writing his next few weeks worth of equally nonsensically dismissive posts. Coming soon to a Dan Cook Blogolitics post near you...

Grassroots Fury? Conservative Senators Appointed

Grassroots Fury? Canadians Help Haiti

Grassroots Fury? "Avatar" Highest-Grossing Movie

Grassroots Fury? Olympic Team Cheered

Grassroots Fury? Hot Spring Fashions

And of course...

Grassroots Fury? Parliament Reconvenes

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