Tuesday, December 01, 2009

On giveaways

I very much hope CuriosityCat is right in theorizing that the Libs' decision to vote with the Cons on the HST will operate to the federal NDP's benefit. But while I'd think it's probably safe to say the Libs managed to give away seats one way or another, I'd worry that the result might be something else entirely.

Particularly with Ignatieff mirroring the Harper government's language framing the issue as a "request from the provinces" (while glossing over the $6 billion in federal bribes to push the provinces to comply with Deficit Jim Flaherty's wishes), I wonder whether the effect will instead be to direct public anger over the HST toward the provincial scene rather than the federal one. That could end up producing an increased backlash against the provincial governments which the Libs are trying to appease - while taking the Cons completely off the hook for one of the few issues which has actually raised public anger during their stay in office.

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