Thursday, February 21, 2008

On diversions

We hardly needed any more examples of the Cons' notorious accountability at work. But a couple more particularly juicy ones today can't pass without comment.

After getting caught using a copyrighted song without permission in their most recent attempt to distract from their own woeful governing record, the Cons' defence was to quibble that a promotional video isn't technically an "ad" if they haven't paid to run it. And all while the Cons contemplate whether or not they dare to impose draconian copyright protections on Canadian consumers to better serve big media.

Meanwhile, after the burgeoning Friends of Science scandal heated up thanks to news that one of the Cons' spokesmen coordinated a seemingly illegal ad buy on behalf of the anti-Kyoto group which employed him, the Cons' idea of a response change the subject to whether the party paid the spokesman anything.

As usual, the main question on a wider scale is whether or not the Cons will pay an appropriate price for their complete refusal to discuss anything approaching reality when they're caught doing something wrong. But for those paying close attention, the Cons continue to offer up regular examples of why they don't deserve to be taken seriously.

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