Monday, March 19, 2007

Only one of many

In a shocking reversal from the Cons' usual policy of refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing no matter how glaring, Gordon O'Connor has finally admitted to misleading Parliament about the Red Cross' ability to inform Canada about any abuse of Afghan detainees.

Of course, the statement was seasoned with O'Connor's judgments about his own motivations, presumably aimed at telling MPs that his year of consistent fabrications doesn't make for any reason not to trust him completely now. But it's at least a small amount of progress for one of the Cons' cabinet ministers to admit to being something short of infallible.

By my count, O'Connor's apology leaves John Baird, Diane Finley, and Stephen Harper himself in line to apologize either to Parliament or to the public. And that's just for the misleading statements that I've blogged about this month - to say nothing of earlier statements, or ones whose inaccuracy hasn't yet gone public.

With that in mind, is there any reason why any person - let alone one out of every seven Canadians - would trust Harper more then they did when he was elected?

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