Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A burdensome request

Within today's right-wing blogburst pushing for a giveaway to one-income high-earner families (with lesser giveaways in direct proportion to a couple's earning disparity), there's been even more empty rhetoric spouted than usual about taxes being "(a) burden", "punitive" and "unhealthy". But far be it from me to let the rhetoric go unchallenged given how little basis it has in reality.

So, a two-part challenge for those so merrily parroting the Cons' talking points:

1. Define "tax burden", "punitive taxation", or "unhealthy taxation". Hint: this definition needs to have more to it than merely "the amount of tax paid", since there's no reason for loaded words to describe something which is value-neutral; and/or

2. Define the point at which taxes would cease to become "burdensome", "punitive" or "unhealthy", such that the federal government should not cut taxes further.

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