Friday, December 02, 2005

Peace, order and goodwill among men

Sure, Harper can make promises directly out of the 1993 Red Book, and Martin can promise...well, to not be Harper. But only Jack Layton is fighting to take back Christmas:
Perhaps with his heart warmed by the Christmas spirit, NDP leader Jack Layton is hoping the parties will agree to a campaign truce this December. But so far, the other parties seem reluctant to agree.

"I'm hopeful that the stories that we're hearing back from those discussions don't turn out to be true," Layton told reporters in Regina.

The NDP leader had wanted to avoid a Christmas election altogether back in early November, proposing a motion to ensure a mid-February election day.
Now, it's tough to be too optimistic when both Harper and Martin have already refused opportunities to avoid a holiday campaign. But at the very least Jack seems to be onside with most Canadians when it comes to giving the campaign a rest around Christmas. And that'll leave Harper and PMPM the choice of either highlighting Layton's unique ability to broker deals, or being responsible for once again missing the chance for relative peace during the holidays.

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