Monday, June 27, 2005

Variety show

An assortment of fun headlines from Reuters' politics page, focusing largely on the blatantly obvious which unfortunately isn't getting much play elsewhere...

- Halliburton's Iraq deals described as contract abuse (featuring Halliburton's brilliant "rehashing the election" defence);
- Experts say US complacent on nuclear terror threat; and, the ever-popular
- U.S. contradictory on foreign elections - critics.

Of course, Bushco is still trying to counter the facts with its usual mix of rose-coloured glasses and diverting attention away from the worst immediate issue:

Snow, selling social security bill, says US strong.

The truly sad part is that Snow can only manage two indicia to suggest the economy is doing well: more people working (without considering population growth), and a lack of inflation (when the Fed is already expected to raise interest rates on the basis that inflation will result otherwise). Please have fun comparing and contrasting.

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