Sunday, January 13, 2013

#skndpldr Roundup

With the holiday break now over, we can likely expect a steady stream of news from Saskatchewan's NDP leadership campaign until the March convention. So let's take a look at a few developments from the past week.

- While it's still not clear how much progress Cam Broten has made in generating excitement among the NDP's grassroots, he's certainly done well for himself when it comes to media reaction - with the latest example being Joe Couture's naming Broten as the top NDP performer in the legislature for 2012.

- Meanwhile, Yens Pedersen offered his own take on the campaign in the Star-Phoenix - drawing a contrast between Broten and Trent Wotherspoon as candidates he sees as pursuing power for its own sake, and Ryan Meili and Erin Weir as candidates more focused on policy outcomes. And while I'd see the issue as involving placement on a continuum rather than contrasting positions on a yes-or-no issue, there doesn't seem to be much doubt that the two sets of candidates better represent the business-as-usual and significant-reform positions respectively.

- Meili unveiled his policy on gender equality, with most of the more specific proposals summed up by this broad statement of principle:
There is no prescription to bring about greater equality; there is only a process. That process begins with changing the conversation about gender, recognizing that everyone benefits when the status of women improves. Rather than gender neutral (which tends to mean gender blind), policy decisions need to be made with an explicit gender lens and a commitment to gender equality in mind, from idea to implementation to evaluation.
- Finally, Gavin Gardiner and Brett Estey both offered partial coverage of yesterday's Rosetown leadership debate. But the more thorough review at the time from Cole Hogan seems to have disappeared.


  1. This is an incredibly long campaign; what has been gained by making it into a marathon? Has it captured the energy and attention of SK citizens? We here in BC never hear a drop about this from the media (perhaps not surprising)... and while Wall seems uber popular from this distance, I doubt the long, grueling seven-year war that this leadership search has traversed has made much of an impact. We'll be rid of Clark here almost by the time you get down to brass tacks to finally choose an opposition leader. Pick a someone already! I've seen glaciers with quicker reflexes...

    1. Anonymous6:57 a.m.


      This is not the United States. Canadian internal leadership contests rarely "capture the energy and attention" of our federation's citizens. If they ever do, you can trace responsibility back to manipulative & messianic coverage by our partisan press (see Legault & Trudeau).

      In the context of Saskatchewan, a "marathon" is precisely what is required.

      The sober will recognize that it is not Brad Wall who is "uber popular" is the resource boom that Saskatchewan is currently enjoying. Wall & the Sask. Party were clever enough to take credit for market forces - which they have absolutely no control over.

      Were this the tail-end of such a resource-boom, perhaps swiftness would be a virtue. The emperor would be exposed, and just about anyone properly dressed could replace him.

      But there is no evidence that this context will change. The resource boom is here, and all have to deal with its implications.

      The one who prevails will be tasked with leading a long & grueling siege...not a quick & easy assault. Hence, the Sask. NDP membership are tasked with selecting a leader who must:
      1) confidently correct the prevailing mythology
      2) confidently dismiss the Sask. Party's petulant taunts
      3) confidently present the NDP as superior directors of the boom

      To make such a selection, the membership requires time and ample opportunity to test "the stuff" of these leadership candidates.

      Dan Tan

  2. Anonymous7:01 a.m.


    Time, obligations, and distance have prevented me from paying close attention to this race.

    I thank you for the dedicated coverage which allows distracted on-lookers like me some grip on the proceedings.

    Dan Tan.

  3. Anonymous7:17 a.m.

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