Sunday, April 03, 2011

Off target

There's some reason to be skeptical of the claim that the environment isn't being put forward as an election issue. (And indeed, it's striking how the NDP's policy announcements on health care and the environment were met in short order with media spin about how neither issue is being discussed.)

But it's well worth noting that both the Cons and Libs do look entirely eager to take any meaningful action on climate change off the table. And in fact, the Libs have managed to regress from both their 2008 platform and their 1993 Red Book by refusing to list a short- to mid-term greenhouse gas emission reduction target in their platform.

So when it comes to the largest environmental issue facing our country and our planet, the Libs' story isn't so much "same old empty promises" (as it is on many other issues) as "can't even be bothered to pretend".

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