Wednesday, June 03, 2009

On final numbers

The Saskatchewan NDP has released what will apparently be the last fund-raising disclosures (warning: PDF) from its leadership race. And while the raw numbers haven't moved far since the previous list on May 20, there are a few developments worth noting.

Yens Pedersen's new donations came in just behind Deb Higgins with a total amount of $1,250. But there are a couple of noteworthy donors on the list: Knight Archer Insurance at $500 as the first corporate donation to Pedersen's campaign (non-legal division), and Jim Robbins and Nettie Wiebe at $250.

Higgins took in a total of $1,300, but in only two additional donations. Which means that in terms of total disclosed donors for the campaign, her lead over Pedersen narrowed to 15-13. (Lingenfelter finishes with 63, Meili with 29.)

Dwain Lingenfelter brought in three new donations totalling $3,000. Of note is that two of the three new donors (Jim Scharfstein and Robert Gibbings) are named partners in the law firm of Scharfstein Gibbings Walen Fisher.

Finally, Ryan Meili brought in nine new listed donations totalling $3,020. Included in that amount are four $340 donations which seem to have been targeted toward the money bomb - which of course raised about four times as much as the amount listed in reportable donations during the reporting period.

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