Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On false prophets

For those who held out hope that the Cons' brand of cult conservatism would stop at a mere Stephen Harper portrait gallery, matters have managed to get worse. From now on, Canada's national defence strategy consists of parsing the Glorious Leader's prophetic vision of Canada Firstness.

Mind you, the Cons would likely be perfectly happy if Canada's political scene turned into nothing more than a debate among procurement theologians as to which type of fighter plane is the Chosen One. But there seems to be plenty of room for doubt that a decision to try to base 20 years of military planning on a single staged "vision" will persuade any current Harper agnostics to put their faith in the Cons.

Update: For more, see Greg rightly pointing out that the paperless strategy sounds more like a joke than a real development; Robert on the Cons' dubious choice of titles for their prophecy; and Aaron Wherry on how the defence strategy (like many other claimed Con accomplishments) is all in Harper's head.

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